WIAW The Two Extremes

Monday was quite a strange day of food. It felt like I was sampling the two extremes of healthy and unhealthy, calorific and low calorie. My breakfast started with porridge mixed with banana for sweetness, peanut butter, seeds raisins and some leftover yogurt. It was the kind that had bitter natural yogurt mixed with a sweeter fruity layer. It worked really well with the porridge and gave it the almost peanut butter and jelly flavour. 
Lunch was quite light as I didn't have time to prepare much the night before. Before leaving the house, I grabbed a chunk of cucumber, some cheese and some crackers. I keep some condiments are work so had some salad cream for spreading.
Then came the start of the less healthier foods. A colleague celebrated their birthday at the weekend so bought it some yummy chocolate cake.
Feeling a bit snacky after a sugar crash, I snacked on a juicy large orange. Dinner was a light stir fry made with some new Yukata Shirataki noodles which I have reviewed here.  I made them with a simple peanut satay sauce and vegetables. Then I couldn't help myself in the evening and feasted on one of my favourite easter treats...the Lindt eggs which have an almost soft truffle-like centre.
It was quite a mix and perhaps not the healthiest, but I still seem to have lots of Easter chocolate to get through, so might as well get through it now!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting as usual.


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