Yukata Shirataki Noodles Review

I was sent some noodles from the lovely people at Yukata to try and it gave a me a great excuse to make stir fry. They are part of their new easy to use range and come packaged in a bag of liquid which feels very odd, but enables a meal to be cobbled together very swiftly.
Noodles can sometimes be quite heavy but these are virtually calorie free (a pack contains less than 10 calories) allowing you to eat a massive bowl guilty free. The texture of the noodles feel lighter than egg or rice noodles, and gave the impression that they wouldn't be as filling, but I didn't seem to get hungry for a while.
Without a sauce, I would say the noodles are a tasteless, but if you enjoy a stronger sauce, then they are great for a stir fry. I feel like the texture would suit more of a soupy dish, but that wouldn't put me off cooking them this way again. 
If you are watching your weight or want something that feels a little lighter, then these are a great option, but I wouldn't be able to use them as a permanent replacement for my current favourites.
Yukata Shirataki Noodles are available from Whole Foods and online for around £1.50

I was sent this product to try but all reviews and opinions are my own.


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