Gu Dessert Island Experience

I love dessert. I have to have something sweet in the evenings, whether it is cake, chocolate or a classic dessert. I have tried Gü dessert plenty of times before, and my cupboard is full of the glass ramekins they come in, but up until now they have only been sold in packs of two. However Gü are releasing their individual pots for people like me, who enjoy an indulgent evening by themselves. As part of the product launch, they created a fun experience for people to enjoy. 
I was one of the lucky people who managed to get an indulgent experience. For the first time in the UK, Gü opened a restaurant allowing solo diners to get away to a desert island whilst indulging in their favourite dessert. 
Hidden away in Soho, the experience allows a bit of all-important 'me time' where I was taken into a separate room with a large LED screen displaying tranquil images of your chosen destination. Whilst inside the secluded area, I was served my chosen Key Lime Pie cheesecake and allowed to relax. 
A great way to introduce the product, the range showed off their classics in single form, all of which delivery a great flavour hit and smooth creamy textures.
To see more of their product range, visit their website here.


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