WIAW Bank Holiday Mess Up

This What I Ate Wednesday is a little different and comes from a bank holiday Monday. As I wasn't in my normal routine, I forgot to photograph a few things, but I shall let your imaginations do the work.
I was with my family and started with a late English Breakfast with bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, and grilled tomatoes served with some of my mum's home made bread.
We went to a bootfair and stopped for a quick refreshment in a local garden centre. I had an amazing elderflower cordial and we shared a pack of vanilla wafer biscuits ( a little too sweet for me)
At the lunchtime bootfair, we got quite hungry and there was a bakery stall where things were flying off the shelves. I was hoping for a jam doughnut, but settled for a cherry muffin instead. (Use your imagination here....)
Our early dinner came inspired by what people were having at the garden centre. We roasted a gammon, had chunks of cheese and salad and served it with some ciabatta rolls. This is my plate at the beginning of the meal, but as we were picking what we wanted, I went back two or three times for more.
I had a small dessert of pineapple (found reduced to 10p at Waitrose), and strawberries topped with strawberry yogurt.
As we had our dinner early, I also had a good amount of chocolate when I got home. Lots of bank holiday treats and unusual meals for me!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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