WIAW Getting back into Old Habits

It has been a while since I have craved something toasted in the morning, but it was nice to try out peanut butter and banana on toast again. I fear it has started off another phase for me and I might have to find some more bagels and bread to toast as it isn't something I normally eat during the day.
I forget how filling it is and it kept me going until lunch. I have been taking part in the Giovanni Rana challenge so have been trying some interesting things with their sauces. For lunch, I had some rice cakes with homous mixed with a Giovanni Rana pesto and topped with cucumber. I also had some carrot sticks on the side.
I found a reduced mango in Waitrose for 25p and it was the perfect ripeness for my afternoon snack.
Tea was another recipe using the pesto sauce which you can find here. I had salmon on onions with spinach Bulgar wheat and vegetables.

I did get quite hungry again in the evening so snacked on lots of different cheeses and chutneys. I am amazed I didn't have any nightmares that evening!

Thanks to Peas and Crayons.


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