WIAW Tasty New Snacks

My Monday morning did not get off to a good start, with a very late running train being held outside London for a while making me late for work. I'm normally an early bird and one of the first in the office, so was a shock to my colleagues for them to actually see me arrive! Pre-journey to work, I enjoyed a bowl of porridge, this time made with mashed banana and blackberries and topped with seeds, peanut butter and jam. Yum.
Lunch was some leftover homous from the weekend with a selection of vegetables as well as some delicious crackers I was sent to try. The Thomas J Fudge's Multi seed and Oat Crackers worked really well with the harissa topped homous, but I would also happily eat them as they are as well. They come in separate packages which I love as it means they are less likely to go soft in the cupboard.
I also snacked on an amazing yogurt that they were giving out at London Bridge. It was from Liberte, the makers of amazing thick greek style yogurt, but this one came with an amazing layer of berries and seeds. I topped with some strawberries I found at the market which made for a great afternoon snack.
Dinner was quite naughty and bought for me by my Friend who stayed from Portsmouth as a way of saying thanks for having her. It was the perfect way to end our last evening together before she travelled back home. I had a chicken burger with BBQ sauce....my weakness and certainly filled a gap!
I certainly didn't need an evening snack!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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