Beetroot Freestyling

As part of Freestyle Food Month with Lurpak, I turned away from the recipe books and made my own creation using beetroot. I went home for the weekend, where my parents are attempting (successfully) to grow their own vegetables. After a little show and tell, we realised some things were ready to try, including beetroot. I had only every bought this vegetable from the market and was amazed and the vivid purple and green leaves as well.
I removed the stalk beetroot, cleaned and boiled the beetroot for 10-40 minutes until soft.
As I am keen on making the most of my food, I wondered what the leaves would taste like. They really reminded me of chard in appearance, and after a quick google search, I found out that you could eat them.
I treated the leaf similarly to chard or spinach and melted some Lurpak butter in a pan and added a couple crushed garlic cloves. I fried for a few minutes before adding the de-veined and chopped beetroot leaves. I was surprised at how much they wilted down, so had to quickly go outside and chop some more. I seasoned and left to wilt in the pan as I continued with the rest of the dish.
I served the beetroot and leaves with some garlic roasted potatoes, homegrown carrots, beans and some pesto topped salmon. See here for how I cook my pesto salmon.
The buttery garlic leaves worked really well with the dish and reminded me of spinach, with not much flavour, but can be very versatile. I read online that the stalks can be quite stringy, so made sure to get rid of them for my dish, but had no problems with the thickness of the leaves. If you are growing your own beetroot, make the most of the plant and get as many vitamins and minerals as you can by utilising the leaves. They make for a great side to a dish!


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