Kallo Corn Cakes Ideas

Kallo kindly sent me some lightly salted wholegrain corn cakes to try. I have tried quite a few varieties of these already, including some from Kallo, but was looking forward to giving these a go. 
Of course, the first thing I have to try with it was some nutella and berries. This makes for a great afternoon snack which is also quite healthy.
They were also great for packing in a lunchbox and making some easy but fancy looking lunch treats. I had some with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

The combination of the rice cakes with hummus was an absolute winner for me. I topped it with plain hummus, then some Giovanni Rana pesto, then some cucumber. The corn cakes are crisp and work well with softer textures.
Not only are they a great snack, they are only 19 calories per thin, with less than 3% fat. They are vegetarian, vegan and coeliac friendly whilst also being Gluten free.
Find out more about them here
Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review, but as always opinions are my own.


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