Oykos yogurt review

I recently got a voucher to try oykos yogurts and as they were on offer in sainsburys for £1 I managed to get them for just 50p. They are described as having a 'gloriously thick, silky texture...with a sumptuous layer of fruit'
I really enjoyed the thick Greek style yogurt, rather than other runny textured layer. The bottom had a very sweet layer of fruit which was really refreshing with the plain yogurt and the pot design meant you have enjoy a spoonful with both sections on without having to mix it through.
Passion fruit flavour is a favourite of mine, but other flavours definitely appeal to me as well. They also have strawberry, pear, citrus and peach in the fruity range as well as caramel versions and come in packs of four which is great for lunch boxes. I also enjoyed some others topped with berries.


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