WIAW Back to classics

Sometimes I just love going back to old favourites. And this week was another of those weeks where my dinner was an easy everyday meal, and my breakfast was something I love.
I ran out of my favourite peanut butter, the 1kg tub of Meridian crunchy peanut butter, but found a whole earth version to try. It was priced at 89p from BM store and was peanut butter with sunflower seeds and gives a great crunch when put on my bagel thins. 
Lunch was a summery salad made with ham, spinach, tomato, cucumber and leftover asparagus. I was still a little hungry after so went for some Mango and grapes.
I had an afternoon snack of some Velvet crunch mature cheddar and onion crisps. They are light and crunchy but they do have a funny after taste which I am not entirely keen on.
Dinner was a stir fry made with chicken, peppers, asparagus in a homemade soy ginger sauce. It's such a great easy dinner to have where you put anything you like in to make it a delicious dinner.
My evening snack was a small galaxy bar which I forgot to take a picture of before I devoured it.
 Hope you enjoyed this What I Ate Wednesday


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