WIAW Fish and Chips in the New Forest

This Monday, I had the day off work and spent the long weekend in the New Forest. I used to go there a lot during my childhood an revisiting bought back many great memories. I was staying in a house that didn't have a fridge or freezer so even though we were limited in our food options, we still managed to do a bit of baking, and cooking of fresh fish.
I wasn't great at remembering my meals as usual when I am not at work, but my breakfast was two pieces of toast. One with Tesco hedgerow jam, and the other with crunchy hazelnut butter with banana on the other. Both were really tasty and the hazelnut spread also worked really well in hot chocolate!
Lunch was a massive fail on the photo front, as I was so hungry. We had walked to the local bakery to pick up some fresh rolls which we had with leftover ham, salad and crisps. Great little picky meal that was then finished off with leftover home-made pear and apricot crumble.
Dinner was a fast one as we were wanted to leave for the journey back into London. I chose a salmon fishcake, and cooked up the last bits of broccoli and spinach to eat with it. The chips were tasty, but it is the one time I like quite a lot of vinegar on my food, and these could have done with more.
It was all finished off with a Gu dessert back at home picked up from my experience recently. This one was super sweet and not my favourite, so would rather opt for the lemon cheesecake or key lime pie.


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