WIAW Loving Market Food

I went home at the weekend and my parents had treated me to lots of goodies from the local market and my fridge and fruit bowl and now bulging! My breakfast was very purple, with blueberries and banana mixed into porridge, with seeds, peanut butter and fresh blueberries.
 Lunch was a salad with some eggs from my parents friend, spinach, tomatoes ham and market asparagus which I cooked at work. At the weekend, I cooked a batch of eggs ready for the week and they make a nice little lunchbox addition which is quick and easy!
My afternoon snack was a cherry yogurt with some fresh strawberries.
I also had a very juicy large orange from the market. They are the kind which you can't eat nicely and have to have your head over a sink while all the juices go everywhere!
Dinner was a vegetarian curry using a knorr flavour pot. It was my first time using it and chose to put aubergine and spinach in instead of chicken which was great. I did substitute the cream in the recipe for yogurt and it did split slightly, which was a shame but still tasted fine.
My evening snack was some yummy chocolate buttons. I have already gone through a bag of these recently and they are fast becoming my new obsession! Yum.


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