WIAW Summery plates

I have really been getting into berries in my porridge as well as banana. I keep some in the freezer that I have been using up and they make the oats a wonderful vivid purple colour. Today I have raspberries and blackberries with the banana mixed in. I also topped with the leftover banana, seeds, peanut butter and plum jam for extra sweetness.
At work they had these pots of chocolates. I tried each one but wasn't a massive fan, though only because I dislike marshmallows and crunchies aren't my favourite.
Lunch was leftover bulgur wheat with roasted chicken, cucumber and tomatoes in soy sauce. Simple yet delicious.
In my lunchbreak I went for a walk into Soho where they have a fruit and veg market. I managed to pick up two packs of blueberries for only a pound! Bargain! 
I had them with some grapes on top of some yummy mango and apple yogurt.
Dinner was random and using up some food in the freezer. I had a veggie hot dog with sweet red onions and a side salad.
My evening snack was a Kallo corn cake with Nutella and strawberries which satisfied my sugar cravings.  See my other ideas for eating the corn cakes here.
 I love the time of year where berries are in season and I feel I made then most of it throughout the day today!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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