WIAW Breakfast at work and book club nibbles

I had to get into work early, and as I refused to set my alarm too early, I took my breakfast with me. Over the weekend, I had been to the Just V festival, where I received a sample of porridge, so popped that in my bag with a banana and some peanut butter. It wasn't as great as my normal concoction but after the journey to work, it hit the spot.
My lunch was leftovers from Saturday, where I tried an Ilumi sauce packet with one of their new recipes (soon to be posted on the blog). It was a Kerala chicken curry with I had with leftover chickpea rice, broccoli and cucumber.
My afternoon snack was some fruit cut up with Alpro Soya coconut yogurt, which is one of my favourites at the moment. It feels refreshing for the summer and makes any fruit taste even better.
My dinner was picky as I had book club. As normal, we all bought snacks to contribute and ended up with lots of cheese, some amazing home-made bruschetta and dips.
Someone also bought strawberries, which they made into eton mess, but as I'm not the largest fan of cream or meringue, I opted for a little just sprinkled over rather than mixed in.What do you normally bring as a party snack?
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for linking up.


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