WIAW Holiday blues and a #GinOff

When I come back from holiday, I often get the food blues. While I am away, I treat myself to food I wouldn't normally buy and getting back to work means getting in a routine and going back to the foods I know work well for me in a normal day. So I tried to make this Monday full of my favourites.
So my breakfast started off with peanut butter and banana on toast.
Lunch was some leftovers from the weekend but was delicious. I love picking at different types of food so I had some reduced Tomato, spinach and olive pasta from Sainsburys, carrot batons, salad, tomatoes, and leftover roasted aubergine.
My snack was some ripe nectarines, raspberries, blueberries and grapes in a rhubarb yogurt.

Then my evening was a little more interesting than normal. I went to a #GinOff, where different brands of Gin battle it out in a night of fun drinks and cocktails. There was the classic gin a tonic alongside two cocktails. One was great. The other wasn't.

As I got back home late, I had a random, yet surprisingly tasty dinner of eggs with basil, tomatoes, beans with a rice cake topped with cream cheese.

The Gin evening helped make the transition back in Mondays a bit easier and the fresh food was still good despite not being locally cooked fish like on holiday!
What do you look forward to when getting back from holiday?
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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