WIAW Portland Island Family Holiday

This week, I visited my parents on holiday for a few days in Portland Island, Dorset. They had rented a three bedroom cottage which allowed myself as well as my sister, niece and nephew to visit. We have treated ourself to lots of nice food, but by having a lovely kitchen fitted with Miele appliances, it meant that we didn't mind making our own food as well.
Breakfast started with banana, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and mango topped with mango and passionfruit yogurt.
We then went onto two crumpets with lots of butter and marmite. We found the crumpets at the local co-op the night before for only 16p, which made them taste even better.
In the morning we walked to Porland Lighthouse, where there was a busy restaruant/cafe. We had bought leftovers for lunch in a picnic, but when we saw people having cream tea, we couldn't resist.
Luckily we then went for a nice long walk, but still wasn't too hungry for dinner. We found some reduced roasted salmon pieces reduced which we served with leftover salad and roasted potatoes.
Dessert was some leftover cheesecake from the previous night. It is a co-op vanilla new york cheesecake, and is one of the best I have tried in a long time. Topped with some berries, it was a great sweet treat!
On our shop, we also found some cherries, which I nibbled on whilst relaxing on the sofa in the evening.
Even though we treated ourselves to some indulgent treats, our fridge has been constatntly stocked full of delicious fresh fruit.
What did you have this WIAW?


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