WIAW Travelling Meals

I spent another long weekend at the new forest, but did actually remember to take photos on the Monday of food for WIAW. There  was a fridge freezer this time which meant there were more options fur food. Saying this, we were travelling home on the Monday so these meals were a little muddled.
Breakfast was a cinnamon and raisin bagel toasted with butter and banana on the side. Although it wasn't my normal peanut butter, it kept me full for the first leg of our travels.
We planned to stop off on Lyndhurst to enjoy a traditional cream tea. It came with smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese, scone, jam and butter, and a piece of apple cake to finish off. Although designed to be for one person, the portions were huge and we managed to share it and still be very full.
We got quite held up on the journey home, but stopped off at Tesco to pick up some supplies. We found some reduced chicken korma curry to which we added some amazing raw and cooked prawns. We also made some spicy potatoes with spinach and served it with plain rice, poppadoms and chutney.

 When we arrived back home, there were a few strawberries ready to eat fresh from the garden which I couldn't resist nibbling on.
In Tesco, we also found some reduced cookies which we could not resist so finished off a great weekend with another wonderful indulgence.
It certainly wasn't a healthy day of food, but it was a perfect way to end the day. Now to eat veggies the rest of the week.


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