WIAW A Day in the Kitchen

As I had a quite a few days to take as holiday from work, I have taken a few Mondays off enjoy a long weekend. For this long weekend, baking and cooking recipes was on the agenda. 
I started my day with a nice lie in and a late breakfast of a yogurt which I found reduced for 19p. It had a good amount of lime curd in with small pieces of desiccated coconut in the yogurt. I teamed it with some granola, a banana and fruit juice.
As I was on holiday...I had a good excuse to mix up some Sangria. It was a mix of red wine, orange juice, lemon juice, sugar and lemonade. Luckily it was weak enough to still cook up some delicious carrot cake.

The recipe was a caraway carrot cake from Ruby Tandoh's Crumb book. It wasn't the traditional flavour but was very fragrant and worked well with the lemon and poppyseed icing.
I had an early dinner which also included a bit of baking from the same book. This time, I tried making the garlic dough balls to go with the planned mix and match dinner. I also roasted some peppers, tomatoes, carrots and garlic, made some homemade onion chutney and ate with baked camembert, seeds and nuts.
My evening snack was a couple of chocolate chip cookies.
Not the healthiest of days, but was glad to get my teeth into some recipes. Both the cake and the dough balls are something I would make again and will be putting on the blog soon.
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW


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