WIAW Dipping Day

I have managed to get myself in a little breakfast rut again. I just can't stop craving peanut butter and banana on toast....especially on some homemade bread. It tastes so good and fills me up.
Lunch was leftovers from a picnic weekend. I had onion homous with veggies and crackers.
In the afternoon I raided the work biscuit box and found these dark chocolate chip digestives which were great dipped in tea.
I also had some cut up plums, nectarines and pink lady apple with some alpro almond yogurt and homemade granola. The flavour of the yogurt was quite unusual as I am normally used to something a little sweeter, but the nutty flavour works really well with granola.
I had a whole butternut squash to eat so roasted it and made a slightly spicy soup and served it with some bagels. It had been raining all day, and there was nothing better than a warm bowl of soup and bread for dipping.
That really filled me up, but there was always room for a little chocolate before bed.
What did you eat today?
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


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