WIAW Pic n Mix & a Summery Drink

Thankfully my illness last week was only a one day bug or something I ate and I now feel much better. Saying that, I haven't since faniced porridge for breakfast, and opted for more of the toasted option. So my breakfast was a banana with peanut butter on toast. 
Lunch was a pic and mix kind of thing again, with leftover chorizo, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes alongside some crackers and cheese. The salt and pepper flatbreads are amazing in flavour, thin and crispy and then I managed to find some reduced brie from m&s which finished off lunch nicely.
My afternoon snack was a peach with yogurt, passionfruit and homemade granola.
Dinner was lots of leftover veg and potatoes made into a frittata. There was onion, courgette, spinach, and potatoes and of course....topped with cheese. I served it with corn on the cob and a side of spinach.
I had an evening treat of a shared bottle of cider. It was something I found in Morrisons and one I hadn't tried before but sounded very summery. It was quite sweet and reminded me of the hard boiled rhubarb and custard sweets!
I had it with a piece of homemade pear and dark chocolate tart that my boyfriend had cooked the day  before. A great way to end the day!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


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