Holiday Food Diary

As it is my birthday next week, I decided to take a some time off work and have just returned home from a week long trip to the New Forest. On the journey down,  I managed to see my family for a birthday meal, where mum put on a picnic spread with my favourite mini rolls from Waitrose and her homemade cheese and bacon quiche.
Breakfasts in the New Forest consisted of lots of fruit, bananas and bagels.

With some super ripe peaches, I made a delicious compote, cooking them down with some sugar and a little cinnamon and put them on homemade pancakes with blueberries, yogurt and granola.
We often were out of the house for lunch and so either packed ourselves a lunch or found some bits and bobs in nearby shops. We love hunting a bargain and is always a result to find many cheap things.
We enjoyed birthday leftovers on a bench on the clifftop and made some scones to eat as a dessert.
Even though we had packed ourselves some cheese and biscuits, we couldn't resist trying a local crab sandwich on the beach at Lulworth Cove.  
When we were in for lunch, we whipped up some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on bagels.
Cream Tea seemed to be the common theme of our holiday as when we met up with some friends, I couldn't resist trying their afternoon delights.
As keen cooks, we often made our own dinners.  On the first day, we created our own sweet potato, spinach and halloumi pie.
We also created our own satay sauce stir fry using peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce. We added prawns, bean shoots and pak choi. 
 I even took my pasta maker with me, and we made some fresh tagliatelle served with chorizo, courgette and basil.
We also took a mix of spices, which we used to make a homemade lamb curry. 

For 'date night', we tried out the local pub, where they served some great pies. I had a ham hock and chicken pie served on creamy mash and veggies. I loved the fact you could choose the size of your pie (this was small) and the meat was nice and chunky.
For dessert, we had a mix of snacky chocolates, as well as homemade apple and blackcurrent strudel.

I loved my week away and am sad not only to be home, but not to be eating the same delicious indulgent food everyday. A picnic just isn't going to be the same if you aren't at the top of a cliff anymore!


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