WIAW Cheese, Grape and Walnut Salad Goodness

My weekend was jam packed of Open House London activities (including a trip up the BT Tower), car meet ups at Brands Hatch and cooking for 9 people. This meant I didnt have time to find some fresh fruit for my Monday morning breakfast. Luckily I always have a stash of frozen fruit and berries, so had banana porridge with berries, jam, peanut butter and seeds.
At work we have recently done some work for a charity client and as a thankyou, we recieved a box of amazing goodies which we nibbled on throughout the day.
Lunch was a light salad of spinach, blue cheese, tomatoes, grapes and walnuts. The grape addition was last minute, but it added a nice sweet contrast to the sharp cheese.
I snacked on some (more) grapes in the afternoon
I was a little late out of work, but still needed to pop to the shops for fresh fruit. I came across a few reduced pieces which were nice and easy for dinner. I found a new vegetable mix in Marks and Spencer of Cabbage, Spinach and Kale.

I added it to a (rare for me) ready meal. I saw it reduced and as it was getting late, thought it would make a nice quick dinner. I do like more veggies with my meals, so the vegetable mix went perfectly.
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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