WIAW Going Pearl Barley Mad

Getting up on Monday mornings is always hard. Getting up on Monday mornings after a great week off is even harder. Having got used to lazier mornings and later breakfasts, I wasn't hungry like I normally am when I wake up. Luckily I can always scoff down peanut butter and banana on toast before I leave the house.
Work had bought some chocolate digestives which are always perfect to dip in my morning cup of tea.

On Sunday night, I cooked a pearl barley dish, and knowing how long it takes to cook (around an hour), I made a larger batch so I could use it up throughout the week. I had it for lunch with some leftover ham, tomatoes, spring onions and cheese. I warmed it through slightly and served with some fresh spinach on the side.

 I tried a new yogurt with my afternoon snack, a honey liberte with fruit. It was very thick and perhaps a little too sweet for me. There is a layer of honey at the bottom, and I think it may have worked better mixed through.
I had even more pearl barley for dinner as I really enjoyed my lunch. I roasted three different coloured peppers, onion, and garlic and mixed it through with spinach, tomatoes and a little seafood mix. 
My evening snack was a handful of pistachio nuts.
I have even more pearl barley in my fridge to try different things with, which might include stirring through a soup or stew.
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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