WIAW Picnics and Berry Picking

I took a week off work and am currently spending it in the New Forest which currently has some glorious weather. I have even been paddling! The days have been spent exploring the area and enjoying some great food.
Breakfast was some mixed berries and peaches topped with strawberry yogurt and granola.
After breakfast, we travelled to Winchester, where we had both been before, but wanted to re-visit. We sat outside the cathedral and ate a picky lunch with bits and bobs we found found in local shops. We found a chicken roll reduced from M&S, along with some strawberries and blueberries from Sainsburys. We had also packed some peaches and crisps to bulk the food out.
When in the shops, we saw a sweet potato and feta pie, which sounded interesting, but we wanted to try and re-create. Neither of us are massive fans of feta, so made a version with spinach, sweet potato and a mix of halloumi and cheddar. The saltiness worked well with the pastry and we served it with a salad and veggies.
In the garden of the New Forest house, there is a great blackberry bush which had some ripe blackberries perfect for picking. We used the leftover filo pastry and mixed them with some apple, cinnamon and sugar and made a kind of delicious strudel.
It's great to have a place to stay on holiday with a kitchen as I love cooking so enjoy experimenting rather than going out all the time. Anyone else the same?


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