WIAW Tasty Snacks and a Lovely Walk

Last week went so quickly and whilst we could mark the three months til Christmas stage, I also went to a festive evening showcasing gifts and foods, perfect for presents. It really put me in a Christmassy mood but I have now regained some normality and realised we are still in September. Just.
Anyway, on Monday, my breakfast was some reduced cinnamon and raisin bagels which I love with peanut butter and banana.
Lunch was mackerel in tomato with homegrown celery, some spinach, tomatoes and carrots.
We had another treat from our work hamper and although these reminded us of dog treats, they were some tasty drops of chilli chocolate. The small pieces were perfect for snacking on without indulging too much.
My afternoon snack was a tasty Perle au Lait yogurt with a pear that could have done with a little more ripening.
After work, I decided to walk home from the tube, which took about fifty minutes but was worth it for the amazing sunset over the Thames.
Dinner was a sausage pasta with some fennel, leek and broccoli topped with cheese and fresh pepper. The picture was taken whilst I was hungry, so not the best, but you get the idea.
I had my normal evening snack of chocolate, enjoying a piece of Lindt pistachio and lindt chocolate cake. Thanks to peas and crayons for hosting.


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