WIAW Wet and Wild Bank Holiday

I love a bank holiday which I normally spend with family and friends. This weekend, I camped out in a wet field for Wings and Wheels, and returned for Monday where I enjoyed a lovely long lie in. I then had banana, peanut butter and jam on a toasted muffin.
 We went into Greenwich for the tall ships festival, but I think the wash out weather scared everyone away.  I drank some of this 'Juicy Water' which has a strong citrus flavour.
After a wet morning, we found some reduced bargains in the shop, including a whole roast chicken for £1.99. We soon snapped that up and had a lovely warming roast lunch. We roasted some sweet potato, courgette, aubergine and carrots and made up some sage and onion balls to go with it.
After stuffing our faces with the roast, we went for a walk and found some of the ships moored up down the road.
In the evening, we had leftover chicken with some reduced rolls from Waitrose and served with spinach, peppers and cheese. I snacked on some chocolate buttons in the evening to help with my sweet tooth. 
A perfect day of food to finish a wet weekend.
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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