WIAW Breakfast at work

My Monday morning started a little earlier than normal. An issue that arose over the weekend at work meant I wanted to get in nice and early to make sure I hit the deadline. With such an early start, I thought I would take my breakfast with me which is highly out of character. I normally don't leave my front door without eating...even if I am going to a breakfast gathering. 
As we don't have a toaster at work (stupid fire alarms), I took a pot of reduced fruit, which had kiwi, mango, pineapple and apple, put it with a banana and topped with honey greek yogurt and passion fruit. Although it isn't as filling as my normal breakfasts, it was easy to eat at the desk and was still delicious.
 For lunch, I had a salad of spinach, tomato, green beans, boiled egg, tuna and cheese. It was actually quite filling and I ate it with a little salad cream as the tuna can be a bit dry otherwise.
I then had an apple for a snack, as well as a bowl of persimmon (sharon fruit) and fresh figs.
Dinner was salmon topped with a sundied tomato butter and served with a jacket potato, roasted fennel, asparagus, green beans and broccoli.
I certainly got my portion of 5 a day in today, and as I am at the end of a cold, it probably is for the best. Even though my body feels better when I do eat more fruit and veg, I didn't find it hard to eat a large amount of them today. As I had a lot of interesting different fruits to try, it made me want to eat them. Maybe variety is the key? What did you eat today?


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