WIAW Book Club Bonanza

It has been a wet and windy week and once again, I have chosen to eat warm comforting food. So my WIAW breakfast was a bowl of porridge with mixed in plums, peanut butter and banana.
Lunch was scotch broth soup which I filled out with some broccoli. I just cut it up into small pieces and cook it within the soup in the microwave. I had it was a sesame seed ryvita which worked as a texture contrast.
After visiting home for my nephews christening at the weekend, I picked up some tasty fruit and veg that my parents found me at their local market. One of the goodies was pomegranate which I had with delicious apples and passion fruit.
In the evening, I went to book club where as always, we had a wealth of cheeses , dips and nibbles. I ate far too much, but with such a lovely spread, it was hard to resist.
Unsurprisingly that evening, I got home late so didn't have my evening chocolate treat, but as I was so full, i wasn't craving it and even woke up full in the morning.


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