WIAW Cookies and Veg

Over the weekend I visited Costco for the first time. You have to have a registered card to be able to buy anything, so was taken by someone who owned one....and they are going to regret that! There are so many great deals, I not only am looking forward to going back but figuring out how to store bulk objects.
My morning started with my normal peanut butter and banana on toast. I then had a mid-morning treat of some hand-made cookies leftover from the weekend. They are made using Monty Bojangles chocolates and went down really well in the office (recipe here)
Lunch was something found at Costco. The picture isn't squashed; it's actually a massive tub of soup. I divided this up and froze some of it so I didn't have to eat it everyday, but it was perfect for lunch and full of some tasty chunky vegetables. I added some broccoli and spinach as they needed using up but was pleasantly surprised by the amount already in it.

My afternoon snack was a fig and chopped up apple.
I went out with a friend in the evening so made something quick when I got home. I had a Curry paste and added some broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and spring onions. I served it with a pitta bread to avoid the time it takes to cook rice. 
What have you eaten today?


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