WIAW Picking up some Bargains

I am always somebody who would happily look around a supermarket if I happen to pass it on the way home to search out some bargains. Sometimes I have no success or the reductions are so little that it isn't worth it, but I also often find some great bargains. As I love cooking myself, I am reluctant to buy full priced pre-made salads or pies, but when they are reduced and something a little different, I enjoy trying them to figure out how I could make them in future. One of my bargains this weekend was a Middle Eastern spiced wild rice salad from Waitrose which was loaded with chickpeas, nutty rice and bulging raisins.
But firstly, onto my What I Ate Wednesday breakfast....which was my normal. Banana and peanut butter on a toasted bagel.
For lunch, I has leftover homemade Rogan Josh from the weekend alongside the reduced Waitrose rice. I wasn't sure whether it would work together, but I really enjoyed it with a little extra fresh spinach.
The biscuits had come out at work so I had a couple of chocolate covered Hobnobs dunked in my afternoon tea (because Hobnobs are just not the same unless they are dipped in tea).
I also had a persimmon (or sharon fruit) with some strawberry yogurt.
My evening meal was also another bargain find. It was a gluten free veg open top pie, filled with butternut squash, roasted peppers and spinach in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce. I found the pastry quite flaky but the flavour of the filling was great, and something I would experiment to make myself. I served it with spinach, roasted peppers, broccoli and carrots. What have you found in the reduced aisle that you would not like to re-create yourself?


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