WIAW Feeling Festive

It's that time of year when everything is normally winding down to Christmas and you start to relax a little. This doesn't seem to be the case this year. Despite our office normally shutting down over Christmas, a big job has led to trying to find enough laptops to work from home and getting as much done as possible. Team this with many Christmas parties and celebrations and it leads to infrequent blog posts and less time to cook.
Monday was another day that had a Christmas party. The day started with peanut butter and jam on toast (I had run out of bananas and had no time to purchase any more).
Lunch was a mix of random things I have to use up before Christmas. I had cheese, crackers, cranberry sauce with some veg. May look strange, but I am a believer that broccoli goes with anything.
An afternoon snack was a spiced apricot cake hand baked from my boyfriend who added the mystery ingredient of potato.
I also snacked on the remaining apricots I had on my desk at work.
And then onto the very festive Christmas Book Club at my friend's house with a beautifully decorated tree. There was the usual mix of cheese and breads with nuts, dips and crisps. The host also made some delicious cookie dough pots with homemade chocolate sauce which finished the evening off perfectly.
What are your pre-Christmas eats?


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