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I have just got back from a lovely relaxing week in the New Forest so thinking about what food was in my cupboard wasn't my main priority. Making sure I set my work alarm was more important.
Luckily I bought home a few leftovers from the holiday which meant I still had my peanut butter and banana on toast. For lunch, I used up a John Lewis lunch voucher which entitled me to a 'Cake and hot drink'. I chose a cheese scone and lemon and ginger tea which I took back to work to heat up and eat with a little leftover salad.
My afternoon snack was some mango and passionfruit greek yogurt with sharon fruit and topped with crunchy pomegranate seeds.
For dinner I made a soup with leftover veg that were starting to go limp in the fridge. I made a roasted cauliflower and celeriac soup topped with pine nuts.
And in the evening, I nibbled on some Monty Bojangle truffles that were leftovers from recipes I had made with them.
What is a typical day of food for you?


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