WIAW Healthy Mixes

Ok so this first picture may not be the healthiest, but I promise it wasn't my breakfast. I had my normally peanut butter and banana on toast. But when I got to work they opened the Belgium chocolates which I ate a couple of.
Lunch was leftover Tilda rice mixed with a range of vegetables and halloumi.
I had a delicious afternoon snack of a mango from the market topped with passion fruit.
I was going to put yogurt over the top but the mango was so tasty, I had it separately. They were really nice waitrose essentials yogurts that had plenty of flavour.
My dinner was lots of vegetables with some of the frozen beautifully balanced rice and cashew nut mix. They are a new range from tesco which had plenty of vegetables in as well as rice and grains. It also comes with a light sweet and sour sauce which means it would be a perfect meal on its own or just topped up with some protein.
For dessert my boyfriend bought home some pieces of cake from their bake of so munched on the different delicious creations.
What you did you eat today?


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