WIAW Cheap, comforting food

Monday mornings are the start of a new week and getting back into routine, so as always I ate my peanut butter and banana combination on toast. It keeps me full until lunch meaning I can concentrate at work without constantly taking a trip to the kitchen to see what I can find.
The weather has certainly dropped a few notches in and everytime I have taken in a cold packed lunch, I instantly regret it, enviously watching colleagues dip into a bowl of steaming soup. So when I saw an offer on New Coven Garden Soup company, I printed myself off a voucher and spent just 5p on a Chunky Root Vegetable soup. I normally quite enjoy the Heinz versions, and I would say even after trying this one, I would still say that, however this tastes more homemade and less sweet.
I ate the soup with leftover homemade crackers. They worked really well with the soup, providing a nice crunch texture and was surprised they hadn't started to soften.
My afternoon snack were some grapes (currently only £1 at Tesco) and a homemade mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit for sweetness.
Dinner was leftovers as well made into something new and exciting. We had made a tomato and onion curry the previous day which I reheated and added with some vegetables and cooked turkey and served it in a warm wrap with some mango chutney.
I ended the day with a small piece of chocolate as I was still quite full from my dinner. It was a great day of food for me, and even better when I realised how cheap the meals were to make utilising leftovers and vouchers.
What did you eat today? How do you use up curry?


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