WIAW Drowning in Pasta Sauce

I recently made the most of my flexi-time at work meaning I got to leave a little earlier, allowing me to raid reduced food on the way home. I popped into Sainsbury's where they had reduced plenty of carbs to 10p each, including these sesame bagels I had for breakfast.
I also tried these apples for the first time which work really well with a bit of peanut butter.
For lunch, I had some ham I had leftover with tomato, cheese, spinach and a little pesto in a wrap.
I snacked on some grapes which were annoyingly started to turn, as well as some dried apricots. The grapes were on offer from Aldi and the soft squishy kind that I prefer over the harder dried versions. 
For dinner, I really fancied tomatoey pasta. I made a sauce from scratch, including some carrots, onions and garlic which needed using, and blended with sun dried tomatoes to make a smooth mix. It came out a lot thicker than I expected so my pasta ended up drowning in sauce. I stirred through some spinach, leftover sprouts and broccoli to up the veg in the meal.
As well as drowning my pasta, I also had enough to use as a sauce the next day, meaning I didn't have to think about another dinner.
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