My New Recipe Book Additions

To me, nothing is more satisfying than having a full bookcase. I read fiction a great deal, mostyl on my commute and in the evenings but have few fictional books that I have bought in my place. I take regular visits to the library and last year I completed and exceeded my new year's resolution of reading a book a week. However, I cannot resist having a physical cook book in my shelves to flick through and get inspiration from and am gathering a great collection. I thought I would share some of my recent additions.
River Cottage Light and Easy
I have a couple of other recipe books from River Cottage, including one of my favourites, River Cottage Veg, and love the style and simplicity of the food. This book has a great take on healthy food, with recipes which could easily be cooked everyday.

Spuntino Comfort Food (New York Style)
In complete contrast to the previous book, this book includes more indulgent recipes that you would expect to find in America, but also includes nice surprises like Sea Bass, Fennel and Olives. Of course, it wouldn't be a NY book if there wasn't an appearance of peanut butter and jelly in dessert form.

Falafel For Breakfast
This book has a great collection of modern middle eastern recipes for any time of day (not just for breakfast like the title suggests). The meat dishes are often stewy and comforting, while the salads are bright a vibrant, giving dishes a fresher feel. These recipes are often ones that would be ideal to double up on if you are hosting a party.

Rick Stein's India
This book accompanies the BBC series on traditional Indian food and with my increasing interesting in cooking curry from scratch, this was a great present. As well as main curry dishes that you would be familiar with, there are plenty of new exciting ideas to try. One that looks appealing to be is Butternut Squash in sweet tamarind masala.

Homemade Summer
This was a book that I hadn't noticed in book stores, but my dad found it in perfect condition from a charity shop and picked it up for me. The layout and illustrations throughout make it a beautiful book even before you read the recipes, but included dishes which are low in effort and look after themselves.There are quite a few summery dishes (no surprises there) which lend themselves perfectly to evening barbecues with family or friends.


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