Pulled Pork Dinner Kit Recipe Ideas

Santa Maria have recently launched a new dinner kit to create your own pulled pork or chicken. Normally seen as a lazy Sunday dish that had to be cooked for a whole day, this allows for a quicker meal. In only 90 minutes, the seasoning mix and simple cooking bag allows you you create a tasty meal with smokey tones. For something so easy, this simple meal pack also comes with an interesting side of zesty red onion seasoning mix, BBQ sauce and mini tortillas to complete a great dinner. The packet suggests a serving of four people, but we had plenty of meaty leftovers which was great to create some interesting different dishes.
I cooked the pork according to packet instructions and was pleasantly surprised how little hands on time there was. Putting the meat in a bag and seasoning some sliced onions was the most intensive
the preparation was.  I served the meat up with extra roasted veggies and sweet potato, but this meant the wraps felt a little too small.
Of course though, there were plenty of leftovers which I enjoyed created new and exciting dishes from. The first dish was a pulled pork hash, made with onions, fried potato and broccoli, which I then stirred in the leftover smokey meat and topped with a fried egg. The meat worked really well and would be another way to use up leftover potatoes or roast dinner as well.
The second weekday dish made with the leftover pork was by teaming the surplus meat and sweet onions with egg fried rice and pak choi. You could always use any remaining rice mixed with egg or a packet mix for something quick and easy.
Using leftovers to create new meals is a great way not to leave any waste. But of course, you don't have to wait for leftovers to create something different, why not try taking the wraps, meat and onions to make some Quesadillas with a little extra cheese?
Disclaimer: I was sent this kit to review, but as always, opinions are my own.


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