WIAW Feeling Fruity

I must say, having a fruit bowl at work is definitely proving successful and everything gets eaten. The only problem is I am often nibbling at fruit throughout the day as its so readily available. When my breakfast starts with fruit as well, it often means I am getting my five a day.
My breakfast on Monday was the normal peanut butter on toast.

This was something in our fruit bowl this week are we're super tasty. They were in a 2 for £3 offer so actually my badly priced at all.
Lunch was a soul which is first becoming my favourite. This sweet red pepper and tomato soup is full of flavour. I had it with a side of broccoli.
My afternoon snack was a mix of fruit, more grapes and pear topped with passion fruit.
I was unexpectedly home in the evening after some plans fell through, but it meant I had the time to make spaghetti bolognese from scratch and will last me the rest of the week in leftovers!
I finished my evening with a couple of Lindt truffles. Yum
What did you eat today?


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