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This weekend, I had my parents visit me in London. We had a 10 mile walk along the Thames in the brisk wind, only once having to stop for the rain, dashing to a local book store for cover. With them, they bought bags full of delicious market fruit and veg which barely fits in my fridge. The broccoli itself does not fit in an empty drawer which meant a little re-shuffle. When we returned from our walk, I roasted a whole butternut squash and courgette ready for easy dinners throughout the week.
My breakfast on Monday was the usual peanut butter and banana on toast. Every morning, I also have a lemon tea, and these market lemons had a particularly strong flavour that I didn't require much of the juice.
Lunch was some ham with spinach, tomatoes and the roasted butternut squash and courgettes from my evening of prep.

My afternoon snack was a pear, nectarine, kiwi and passion fruit for an intense sweet flavour.

In the evening, I met up with a couple of friends, and we went to a recommended restaurant, Kimchee in Holborn which serve fresh Korean food. I chose a Chicken Bibimbap with a fried egg, and a side of delicious asparagus and I particularly liked the fact that the sauce came on the side as it was a little spicy for me.

We chatted the night away and the relax atmosphere in there meant we didn't feel like we outstayed our welcome.
What did you do this week?
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