WIAW Super Fast Meals

After a weekend of unusual meal times at my parents I was back to normal for Monday. I started with the usual peanut butter and banana on toast. I was sent home with a cheese scone from mum which are loaded with delicious cheddar. I teamed it with some ham, salad and leftover pesto for a picky style lunch.
We had a delivery of some warm cookies at work last week and there were a few hanging around which I nibbled on throughout the day.
I also tried to counter act the unhealthy with an apple.

I got home from work quite late so wanted to make something quick and easy. I had a few ikea meatballs left in the freezer which always make a quick dinner. I teamed them with Cous Cous make with oxo lemon and herb flavour stock pot, grilled aubergine,
Broccoli and spiralized carrot
As normal, I nibbled on some chocolate in the evening.
What did you eat today? 


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