WIAW #AtYourBest Food Event

It suddenly feels like spring has sprung as the daffodils are blooming and the winter coat feels a little too heavy. And as Easter is approaching, I have been creating some great treats, such as hot cross buns and cupcakes made with some grown up eggs. Shame they have all been eaten before the long weekend.
 My week's breakfast started with peanut butter and banana on a (reduced) bagel with my current favourite peanut butter. 
My lunch was a soup from Sainsbury's as I hadn't been at home at the weekend to make my own lunch. It was spiced squash and roasted red pepper, which was nice, if a little thin. I had it with some pumpkin seed ryvitas topped with butter (I turn them upside down to make it easier to spread).
I snacked on fruit in the afternoon. These were some limited selection grapes from Waitrose, and although they were delicious in flavour, I was dissapointed that they contained pips.
In the evening, I was invited to a Tilda rice event after trying some of their #AtYourBest recipes where we were joined by some experts explaining how to get the most from food. World-renowned health and fitness blogger, FitnessOnToast (Faya Nilsson), motivational life coach Carole Anne Rice and nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker explained how we could be at our best with life, food and excercise choices based on our dominant energy type.
As well as gaining interesting knowledge, we also tried some Tilda rice recipes to help give us energy. We were served bowls of sweet potato and coconut rice, coconutty energy balls and chocolate seed bites, which was a nice way to end a Monday.
If you want more information about Tilda and their #AtYourBest campaign, visit their site here.
Have you been to any food events recently? 


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