WIAW Bowls of Food

After putting these photos together, I realised that my meals mainly were eaten from bowls rather than plates. My breakfast even changed to banana porridge with blueberries, linseeds, yogurt with raspberry coulis for an extra sweet hit.
My lunch was homemade leftover roasted cauliflower cheese teamed with a cheese scone.
I had kiwi, grapes, plum and passion fruit for an afternoon snack as well as extra grapes throughout the day.
I met some friends for a drink in the evening so was pleased to have leftover curry to heat up for dinner. It was leftover tikka masala, prawn bhuna and sag aloo with a little rice and naan bread.
I also indulged in the last piece of Cheesecake in the fridge topped with blueberries and passion fruit.
It may not have been the healthiest of days but it sure was delicious and it was good to eat the last bits of everything from the weekend.
What did you eat today?


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