WIAW Post Easter Eats

After a weekend of Easter food, kids party food and chocolate, my tummy was telling me I needed a slightly healthier day. I started out with my peanut butter and banana. Lunch was a mix of leftovers. I stole my mums one remaining cheese scone and had it with some leftover gammon, cheese and veg.
By the tube in London, they were giving out Skyr yogurt. I had tried the strawberry flavour before but found it a little too thick and not very flavoursome. This one had a layer of mixed berries, but it was still very mild in flavour bit with a strange tangy aftertaste. I had it with some berries and grapes and topped with some homemade granola which helped with the texture.

My dinner was pesto courgetti with spinach and a mix of roasted vegetables. I had red onion, red, green and yellow pepper and fennel. I topped it with some cheese and fresh pepper.
For dessert I has a Lindt Easter Egg.
What did you eat after Easter this year?


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