WIAW Simple snacks and Surprising Pasta

I arrived into work early on Monday morning after being at my boyfriends house and travelling from a different direction. I stole one of his bananas to take in with me and made a yummy banana peanut butter porridge topped with some granola at work.
My lunch was just simple rice cakes that I had in the cupboard and work with spinach, cheese and cucumber.
I had an afternoon snack of dried fruit and nut, which included some delicious pistachios.
In the evening, I made an amazing pasta..without even trying hard. I roasted some veg and garlic and made a simple tomato sauce, but I think letting it simmer while I was busy, meant the flavour really developed into a rich delicious sauce

I finished my evening with a sneaky KitKat Chocolate extra chocolatey which have a slightly smaller wafer in and coated in more chocolate. 
What did you eat today?


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