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As you may be able to tell from the nature of my blog, I am a massive fan of using leftovers and not wasting food. We throw away around 7 million tonnes of food and drink each year, most of which could still be eaten, if stored and cooked in the right way. It's costing us £470 per year for each household. The main reasons behind the wastage is that we either prepare too much food or we fail to eat it before it goes past its best. There are a few simple steps which allow you to avoid these scenarios, and one great step is by purchasing good containers. Joseph and Joseph have just launched some new 'Dial' tubs alongside their Don't Waste It campaign, which have clever contra-rotating dials, allowing you to date the products you are putting in them.
The lids help to make sure your food doesn't go out of date, whether you set the time the food was made, or when it needs to be eaten by, it's a perfect way to keep track of the food in your fridge or freezer.
The BPA-free containers which come in a variety of shapes and sizes are perfect for leftover meals, opened meat or fruit and vegetables and easily stack. Storing food correctly, and in portion sizes can help prolong the usability of food and save from chucking any away.
I used them for my work lunches, and as they are made from leftovers, it's even better that the bases are microwave safe (not the lids) and it can be popped in the dishwasher. By just putting your leftover food in these containers and taking with you to work, means you can quickly and easily heat up a quick lunch whilst saving money and food.
Of course, any leftovers are normally perfect for freezing. As the freezer acts almost like a pause button, the food kept in there doesn't deteriorate for at least three months and is still fine to eat for a few months after that time.
To see more about these containers and information about food storage, visit the Joseeph Joseph website which have some great tips and hints to help you make the most out of your shopping. As well as their normal Dial range, they also have Dial Baby, which are smaller sizes perfect for homemade baby food.
Disclaimer: I was sent these containers, but as always, all opinions are my own.


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