WIAW Baking Cakes and Baked Beans

This week was the first time in ages that I did a full shop. I an very rarely in at the weekends and out in evenings so a big shop would lead to wasting things. I am actually one of those people who enjoy shopping and can spend ages in a grocery shop. Luckily I have lots of different supermarkets within a 10minute drive so can pick and choose where I go to. 

Onto Monday. My day started well with a bell, peanut butter and banana.
My morning snack was a piece of this lemon drizzle cake that I made at the weekend using ingredients I already had in the cupboards.
My afternoon snack was some fruit, yogurt topped with passion fruit.
Lunch was leftover roast from the previous day. I had found a smoked pork join in marks and spencer for only £1 and really enjoyed the flavour. I served it with leftover roasted veg and fresh gravy.
Dinner was using up more roast leftovers.  I roasted a whole butternut squash and found a recipe in river cottage Veg book for a bean and butternut squash stew which I improved with different vegetables but came out delicious. It also meant I was set for my work lunches as well.
What did you eat this week?


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