WIAW Birthday Cupcakes

As it gets closer to summer, the weather here has gotten stranger. Going out for my lunchtime walks, I could experience anything from glorious sun to snow. Knowing what to bring for lunch has been a little hard but found a great solution. I got some of this interesting pasta in my Christmas hamper and it works perfectly warm or cold as a salad. So I mixed some leftover leek and garlic pasta with other veggies and created a great salad.

My afternoon snack was courtesy of Janes birthday at work with some hummingbird cupcakes. I tired some of the carrot cake and red velvet and was I a sugar high for the rest of the day.
I felt like I needed something a little healthier for dinner so whipped up a soup with some leftover roasted sweet potato. I served them with some cheese scones I made at the weekend.
As normal I did have a little chocolate to finish the day, but after the cupcakes my sugar craving weren't as bad as normal!
What did you eat this week?


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