WIAW Biscuits and chowder

I woke up on Monday morning not having a clue what to take for lunch! I didn't really have any sandwich ingredients in the fridge so resorted into digging something out of the freezer. Having got to work, I wasn't entirely sure I remember what it was, but the leftover egg fried rice worked well for lunch with a few little salad pieces I picked up.
A work colleague had been to Belgium and bought back some Leibniz biscuits which seemed the reverse of the choco Leibniz which we bought in for clients. I enjoyed the white chocolate, but the biscuit tasted more like bourbon biscuit...not my favourite.
I snacked in the afternoon on some cut up mango, grapes and yogurt.
In the evening, I went for a quick run and wanted to make something quick and comforting. I decided on something I hadn't made in ages...a chowder. Instead of using the traditional fish, I had some kippers which I put in the mix and worked really well. I served it with a wrap to mop everything up which worked really well
I finished my day with some chocolate eggs which are still hanging around from Easter.
What did you eat this week?


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