WIAW Filling Meals and Homemade Scotch Eggs

Having got up early and travelled from a different location, I didn't eat breakfast before leaving the house. I immediately regretted this having arrived at the station and finding the train cancelled. Luckily when I got to work there was still a banana in the fruit bowl and some rice cakes in the cupboard. Teamed with a bit of peanut butter and it made for a heart and filling lunch.
At the weekend we made some scotch eggs (recipe will be online soon), and after a couple of attempts at getting the eggs cooked enough to cover in sausage meat, we made some pretty tasty versions. When freshly cooked, they had shear crispy texture on the outside, and unfortunately this isn't retained when cooled. I served it with a salad and it was actually a filling lunch.
I had an apple as an afternoon snack to keep me going.
I met up with a friend in the evening, and even though I got home late, I whipped up a tasty dinner of breaded pollock, roasted broccoli, tomatoes and pak choi
I finished my evening with some Lindt chocolate leftover from Easter.
Looking back, I feel I didn't eat particularly much, but everything I did choose kept me full for a prolonged period of time, which meant I didn't feel the need to snack as much.
What did you eat this week?


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