New Covent Garden Soup for Summer BBQs

As the evenings are getting lighter and warmer weather is setting in, it is always tempting to start up the barbecue. Having been stuck inside to eat for the past few months, sunny gardens lure us in as we start dining al fresco. Unfortunately, due to living in the UK, the evenings are still chilly as the winter refuses to leave. But the New Covent Garden Soup Company have thought of a way to stay warm whilst waiting for the fires to start. By using their tasty soups to serve with the classic barbecue food, it's a great way to start enjoying the barbecue weather.

The soups can either be cooked quickly in the microwave or in a ceramic or metal bowl at the side of the grill. I chose the Goan spiced chicken and lentil soup and served it with some chargrilled vegetable skewers. It is part of their 'skinny' range and has 2 of your five a day.
1 carton of New Covent Garden Soup Goan Spiced Chicken and Lentil soup
1 red pepper cut into cubes
1 green pepper cut into cubes
1 yellow pepper cut into cubes
A handful of cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
Chicken cut into cubes 
Wooden skewers

Simply soak some skewers in warm water.
Push the chicken pieces onto one skewer.
Push the peppers and tomatoes onto separate skewers.
Drizzle with olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.
Place the chicken skewers on the bbq for about 5 minutes turning every few minutes
Add the vegetable skewers
Heat the soup and serve with the skewers.
Our barbecue started out promising but was hit by a wave of rain water meaning the soup was a welcoming comfort. As well as passing the soup around to dip into, my six year old niece enjoyed dipping in other barbecued items using it as more of a sauce.
As well as this flavour, New Covent Garden Soup have come up with some other ideas to use others flavours as a dish to serve at barbecues. Why not try the slow roast tomato soup with black bean and kidney bean dumplings or the Tennessee pulled pork and bean with zesty line guacamole toast. With 2 of your 5 a day in each portion you can also get goodness into your barbecues. But of course, you can eat them the traditional way, as they are a great lunch or light dinner option.
Disclaimer: I was asked to try these soup ideas from New Covent Garden Soup Company, but as always, opinions are my own.


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